Hello world!

This blog will hopefully be a place for a full range of emotionally engaging commentary.   If you’ll join me we’ll talk about current events: politics, race, culture, sports, entertainment, nature, relationships and more.  There are plenty of places to hear polite conversations that gravitate towards a safe middle. My hope is that its provocative, humorous and insightful with the intent of being iconoclastic as we explore how the modern world is forcing us to re-think everything. But what is life without sentimentality, unicorns and rainbows?

I’m opinionated but I’m not always right. At times I take positions no one else will  because I believe it contributes to the dialogue and feeds the contrarian strain in me.   Other times I’m purposely outrageous if I feel it opens the door for someone smarter and more skilled at tact, to fill the space (or I’m bored).  I’m also a recovering sexist and you know how those 12 step programs go, relapses can occur at anytime so its day by day.

It’s easy to name call or dismiss, so let’s be civil as we engage. That’s not to say that at times we won’t be passionate.  I’d prefer shots above the neck instead of below the belt, but I’m not above a little trash talk and I have a few shots of my own.  You’ll never have to wonder whether its personal, most of the times it isn’t and if it is you’ll know. What’s the fun in being personal if the target doesn’t know its personal?
And please, with all due respect, unless the conversation is about religion, do not sic your God on me. If, as a way to support a point, you feel the urge to inject “God wants, says or tells me” don’t do it.  Whenever I read that line I’ll respond with the literary equivalent of a blank stare.  A blank stare is my response when people say it to me in conversation. I do this out of respect, because most of the people I love (and who love me) are religious but that’s not all they are, nor is it the basis of our relationship(s).  Which is something more universal and earthly.

And lastly, I haven’t drank anyone’s koolaide.

Gotta bounce, peace!

“The whole  point of life is to make it swing”. RE

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