The American Identity #2-No more Black History Month?

As I stated in the earlier post, Glenn Loury and John McWhorter at bloggingheads tv have this ongoing conversation (since Fall 2007) that I think is the most interesting and thoughtful conversations on race taking place.  Seems like a good way to jump-start a dialogue about overcoming the barrier (see The American Identity post).

I’m personally ambivalent about Black History Month, could take it or leave it. So this isn’t an advocacy for doing away with it.  But consider these:  A young Black American kid was asked, “Who was MLK?” and his response was “he freed the slaves”.  Another thought Motown’s heyday was in the 80’s.  I asked a class of 20 Black American high school students, if anyone knew who Duke Ellington was and no one knew.  I’d say based on those anecdotal incidents, one could make a strong argument in favor of keeping it.
Anyway, I found Glenn Loury’s riff pretty interesting and speaks to something beyond BHM.

watch….Part 1

Even though it was CLEARLY stated and for the sake of knee-jerk responses: This is in no way meant to disrespect anyone from the civil rights era for what they had to face and the sacrifices they made.

Part 2-Click and listen to more….

For full video visit Feb 2011 and Jan 2008



It’s what I’m puttin’ down for now, what say you?

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