The American Identity #3-no more Black History Month Part 2

Another absurdity was this account from Matt Taibbi, about an experience attending a Tea Party event.

Taken from “Gritopia”  Taibbi:  “Once seated, I pick up a copy of the newspaper that’s been handed out to each of us, a thing called the Patriot. The headline of the lead story reads:


The author of this piece, a remarkable personage named Lloyd Marcus, identifies himself at the bottom of the page as follows:
Lloyd Marcus (black) Unhyphenated American,Singer/Songwriter, Entertainer, Author, Artist and Tea Party Patriot.
Marcus is the cultural mutant who wrote the song that’s now considered the anthem of the Tea Party. If you haven’t heard it, look it up—the lyrics rock. The opening salvo goes like this:

Mr. President, your stimulus is sure a bust. It’s a socialistic scheme The only thing it will do is kill the American dream. You wanna take from achievers, somehow you think that’s fair And redistribute to those folks who won’t get out of their easy chair!
Bob Dylan, move on over!

In any case, the Marcus piece in the Patriot rips off the page with a thrilling lead. “I’ve often said jokingly,” he writes, “that Black History Month should more accurately be called white people and America suck’ month.”

The argument is that Black History Month dwells too much on the downside of white America’s relationship to its brothers of African heritage, slavery and torture and the like, and ignores the work of all the good white folk through the years who were nice to black people (did you know it was a white teacher who first suggested George Washington Carver study horticulture?). According to Marcus, all this anti-white black history propaganda is undertaken with the darkly pragmatic agenda of guilting the power structure into offering up more of our hard-earned tax dollars for entitlement programs. I look around. You’d have to be out of your fucking mind to write, as Marcus did, that Black History Month is a ploy to lever more entitlement money out of Congress, but the ho-hum nonresponse of the white crowd reading this bit of transparent insanity is, to me, even weirder.
There have been a great many critiques of the Tea Party movement, which is often described as a thinly disguised white power uprising, but to me these critiques miss the mark. To me the most notable characteristic of the Tea Party movement is its bizarre psychological profile. It’s like a mass exercise in narcissistic personality disorder, so intensely focused on itself and its own hurt feelings that it can’t even recognize the lunacy of a bunch of middle-class white people nodding in agreement at the idea that Black History Month doesn’t do enough to celebrate nice white people.”

Lloyd Marcus, well what can you say?   A guy like this doesn’t have enough sense to make anyone mad but he does distort a legacy by calling himself a *Black conservatives. He belongs nowhere near a list that includes, Robert Woodson or Tony Brown.

However, its good to know that Black demagogue opportunist like Mr. Marcus can manipulate White people with the same degree of skill they manipulate Black people. See deep down we’re all alike.

*Black conservative for lack of a better description.  I think the terms is inaccurate but more on that later.


It’s what I’m puttin’ down for now, what say you?

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