When we take our daughters to work, where are the boys?

I watched this video promo and it was extremely disturbing.

One can just about market anything to boys. Which led me to this thought, there is no advocacy for boys.  I know I’m treading on shaky ground here. To even innocently point this out is inviting the knee-jerk response from those who scurry out anytime the conversation gets too far away from them.
For example, when the movie Red Tails came out, complaints started to surface about there not being a focus on women. “Surely these men had strong women in their lives who….”.   It’s a movie about African-American fighter pilots in WW II, and the discussion took a very weird turn, hijacked as it were and we’re off on this tangent about Black male/female relationship-marriage stats, baby-daddy drama, interracial marriage, gay men, the down-low, etc. etc. SIGH! 

I see many organizations addressing issues important to the development and protection of girls. A school here for girls, an international association there for girls. Even in the White House there is a council advocating for girls.  Now I have a daughter so I’m concerned, excited, etc. about her future and issues related to the rights of women.  But I don’t think making half of an argument is progress.
One doesn’t have to look at the stats to know that boys are in trouble- look around and tell me what your visceral reaction is to what you see?   Now clearly the socioeconomic numbers are enough to sound the alarm among experts but the approach is usually from the vantage point that: boys aren’t in trouble, they’re a problem.

We have to get beyond the emotional satisfaction we get from shaking our fingers at fathers and more concerned with policy and cultural issues related to pathways that foster the involvement we claim we want.  Luckily there are those concerned: Check out Rahim Kanani interviewed Warren Farrel


It’s what I’m puttin’ down for now, what say you?

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