TV, The Wire and America’s Drug War

What I watch on TV:
The shows: RealSports w/Bryant Gumbel, Realtime w/Bill Maher, Frontline, Dan Rather Reports, original Star Trek, Pardon the Interruption, Diners, drive-ins and dives and No reservations. I sit with the wife for: What not to wear, Top Chef and Top designer.

Big sports fan:
Football:  I’m a big College football fan so I choose Saturdays instead of Sundays. Pro football bores me, until the playoffs.
Basketball: I start watching college right around conference tournament time, leading up to March madness.  And for the NBA- I peak in during the regular season but can’t remember the last time I watch an entire regular season game.  Usually record and watch the 4th quarter if the game is close. All over the playoffs though.

Golf– Sundays for pretty much all the big tournaments with full fields.
Tennis- Wimbledon but now that the Williams sisters are no longer viable  probably not till the semis.

So my ranking in order:
College football season
March Madness
The Masters (with Tiger in the hunt)
NBA Playoffs
The Olympics

Not much into the shows until they come out on DVD. I think I’m the only person who didn’t watch the Sopranos.  I caught the West Wing and The Shield. West Wing was great. The Shield was good but seems like the writers didn’t know how to end it and things got a little too crazy.

The Wire
But I tell you, I’m so into The Wire! It’s the best show ever.  It’s like a civics lesson, a street lesson, etc. The characters are all so damn human- they all have some flaw and isn’t that what real life is?  The only characters I don’t like are Burrell and Rawls. But I find myself liking the good guys and bad guys.  The acting is superb and what I like is that for the most part, outside of a few faces, Bunk, Kima, The mayor, Avon, Burrell and Carver (who played Cadet Johnson Whittaker in Assault at West Point, an excellent movie with Samuel L Jackson and Sam Waterston) they’re pretty much unknowns.  This means they’re really believable as the characters and shows just how much talent there is  waiting to get put on.

This clip is classic and a great commentary on America’s War on Drugs.

Looking forward to Season 4 & 5

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