The American Identity #10: Dear young Progressive

Note to Young Progressives

I’d like the better angels to avoid using Black’s under-developed emotional and social clarity for their own perpetuating need to keep us moaning so they can seem like they’re fighting the good fight.
Please understand that good intention isn’t enough. Recognize the full humanity of those you want to help and don’t view them as inherently flawed and failed attempts at being you. Realize that its beyond self actualization for you; real lives are at stake. Be willing to deal with suspicions about your motives and understand that you’ll be tested. When your assumptions are wrong, don’t react with indignation when it’s clear you’re relying too much on your assumptions. Get over the slave narrative thing and realize that you don’t have to be a racist to make a racist statement. There are times when being called a racist isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

It’s up to you-in your hands. You have to get us beyond the tired cultural war narrative, America’s 20th century baggage, to a more global and modern paradigm for the 21st century. And maybe just maybe your generation is far enough removed from our racial past to get it done.

Here’s a great article on Jon Stewart and Stephen ColbertThe joke’s on you

This is serious stuff!


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