Game 5

CC on the mound for game 5 at Yankee stadium.  Can’t wait, I’ll be on pins and needles-man, playoff baseball is so unpredictable.

Everyone has been on ARod and for good reason. Everything that needs to be said has been said so I’ll leave it alone. What I want to see is Cano, Ichiro, Teix and Granderson wake up. Right now Cano, Teix & Granderson should be powering the engine. It’s really Cano time but looks like he doesn’t have the personality.  So the aging Jeter, limping and all, still has to (as Denzel did in Glory) pick up the flag and lead the charge.

Congrats to the SF Giants.  Wednesday was a great day of baseball for me, I’m a die-hard Yankee fan but pull for both the A’s and Giants.  I watched the Giants win, the Yankees walk off and A’s win in the 9th. But how quickly things change-the A’s didn’t come through and now I’m anxiously waiting to see if the Yankees make it.

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