Ideological challenge to Plutocrats

Excerpts from Moyers & Company with Matt Taibbi & Crystia Freeland

From The Occupy Movement to the subtle challenge from Obama.There is an existential questioning going on just below the surface of this poor little rich guy routine.

Moyer asked what happens if the Plutocrats continue to get their way.

Moyer’s & company

Few highlights for me:
Freeland thinks we should face the facts about how the world economy really works and come up with what needs to be the right political & social response.
Personally, I’m not confident that we can.  I don’t believe we have the rhetoric to match the complexities of what we’re up against and how the world looks in the 21st century.   And as Taibbi points out, everything ends up in cultural war rhetoric where it gets bogged down.

She (Freeland) makes a “clarion call to progressives”.  In effect, saying that progressives need to remember or channel sentiments from an era, and come up with bold new ideas designed to deal with changing economic circumstances, something visionary.
Tiabbi responds by pointing out that everything and every bold new idea, project or aspirations, get bogged down in culture war rhetoric.
Which is why I keep coming back to the idea that we don’t have the lexicon to address our challenges. Those old familiar differences are just comforting in the face of so much uncertainty.

Freeland finishes with the bottom line.  Re-hashing & tinkering with 20th century institutions is not enough.

American institutions are antiquated; judicial, education, government, infrastructure, etc. We need a make over and not through some rosy-eyed nostalgia about returning to a time that never was.  Let’s disabuse ourselves of that myth and stop looking to the future through a mirror,  and think about how we want to be in the 21st century.  We’re 30yrs behind so it has to be visionary, bold,sensible.

Tangent riff: It’s no question he’s smart enough but is Obama not bold enough-is it a matter of style or is it his handlers? And what does that say about leadership?
What’s our role what happens if we don’t spend time demanding and pulling on his coattails, pushing him  because we’re too busy protecting him?   It sees there’s too much riding on the cultural implications of his success or failure.  To which I say, if you can’t see him beyond culture then you are not free.  The Black President is “boxed in by race”, etc., is just not that interesting anymore.  Ok so Black man has to walk tightrope—fine, now just where do we go with that? That marketing of the problem is fine, get’s heads nodding, amen from the choir and Facebook likes, but it’s not new news.
It’s just not as interesting (especially in a global sense, nobody wants to hear it) as how respond to the modern world, how we redesign and configure our institutions to match current reality and challenges.

A President Obama 2nd term will be very interesting.

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