The obscenely expensive 2012 election is over!

A lot happened since the last post, the biggest being, the 2012 Presidential bid ending with the re-election of Barack Obama. I’ve been a critic of the POTUS because, well, he’s the president.  I’ve also been a supporter and I’m glad to say that hopefully I’m free enough to judge him beyond culture.   But the closer we got to the election or “winning time”,  in the spirit of a conversation I had with a friend, I made a deal to not to say anything negative about him in the fear of giving ammunition to the “enemy”.  I tried to avoid being an un-reflective cheerleader (as I’ve accused some of being), so I focused on what I was voting against (Back to that again).  I felt that there wasn’t much difference between Obama and Romney. But Romney was the embodiment of what got the nation in trouble and under his administration, the White House would be wide open. Wall St. would get 100% of what they wanted from him and 90% from Obama but that 10% matters. So I’m glad Obama was re-elected but I think the only thing defeated was a sentiment.

DixiecratsThe sentiment expressed through the tantrums of the Dixiecrats, turned Reagan Democrats, turned Tea Party.  The anti civil rights and segregationist who bolted from the union in the 19th century, bolted from the Democratic party in the last 3rd of the 20th Century and now stumble around in the 1st part of the 21st century.  Those on the wrong side of history lost again, in their last really significant chance for some symbolic victory. To know that they actually talked themselves into believing Romney was going to win, then watched him get waxed was poetic justice. A friend was on the driving range at a golf course in Northern California when he overheard this: “ah yes, judgement day-time to get that nigger out of the White House”.  I’m glad that instead of gloating that fossil had a bad day.

the-tea-party-man-thumb-400xauto-13863I can’t express how glad I am that this 18-month obnoxiously expensive campaign is over!  Really, let’s change this thing to one 6yr term. No stopping halfway into the 1st term to spend 2yrs begging for money. This interruption is too expensive and too much of a distraction.
The media is the only winner in this 18 month horse-race of sifting through cliches hoping for a gaff.

And from the election to the “Fiscal Cliff”, it’s the same frame, same rap.

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