Last thought on Luke Harris and 200 Black men

So why not tweek the White House Council on girls if you think it isn’t doing what you desire? Why go through My Brother’s Keeper?  Yes, I’m sure the claim that it’s about funding is true but it’s more than that.  Because if it’s about funding, you’d lobby for more or you’d look for other areas, programs, initiatives, etc. where you could get it from. I think if you get to the root of it, you’ll see that it’s about a sentiment. They live in a construct and they’ve set up this boy vs girl fight, so in this silly gender war of course it extends to fighting over funding. They see it as zero sum game.  But it is not logical to believe that math like that can’t bode well for the greater good.

Dr. Warren Farrell’s proposal, the White House Council on boys and menwarren-farrell-nsn121511

I also have a question for the 200 Black men. Were you aware of Dr. Warren Farrell’s proposal? If you didn’t sign/support it what were your objections?  Also, why hasn’t Farrell’s work been co-opted? It would seem that community organizers and community activist would benefit greatly from his work.  Is it that language like Farrell’s doesn’t exist in the Social Justice theory that is the current foundation of nonprofit and community based organizations (including the schools)?  I’m sure (it may be there) that it belongs in “Restorative justice” lexicon. But if you’re trying to avoid having to do restoration it belongs at the forefront.


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