World Cup the American way–as stylized political statement

2014-World-Cup-Fans-4EVERYTHING, ends up as culture war rhetoric!  Apparently either you love The World Cup or you’re over there in the camp with Ann Coulter.   Fans cheer during the 2014 World Cup Group G soccer match between Ghana and the U.S. at a viewing party in Hermosa BeachGoodness, when will people stop responding to the stupid shit she says? But I digress.

I love how people who aren’t really into sports, wave their smug fingers at people who haven’t gotten into The World Cup. I say The World Cup because it’s not about soccer. They don’t give a shit about the game, many don’t even understand the game, only the hoopla every 4yrs.

But I get it, there are lots of colors, people (chicks) gathering, beer and…(emphasis mine: the game isn’t dominated by those Black guys we hold in such contempt).


It’s fun but take away the beer, people (chicks) gathering in parks and bars and you’re left with soccer. So unless you play or follow year round, stall the indignation and admit that you’re just there for the party. For some reason chicks love it and there’s beer, you don’t need to say anything else!

The people who love American sports;  football, basketball, baseball, etc., actually love the sport. But our love is more organic (interesting word, given the way a political demarcation has emerged), it’s about the game. Most have played on some level and/or have followed all their life. We know the players, have watched them since high school or college.  We start with what’s between the lines and our interest spreads to the peripheral pageantry. If you show up to watch fine, if the ladies show up even better but we don’t care if you don’t, we’ll be ok. Those waving their fingers at us, start with the pageantry and only find a tactic connection to what’s happening on the field. Once The World Cup is over you won’t watch another soccer game for 4yrs. hot-world-cup-fans-32And to the non-athlete skinny jean, I-don’t-like-sports-but-hey-chicks-have-given-the-ok-so-I-like The World Cup hipster dudes, taking shots at guys who prefer American sports, we know why you’re there, so just stop already please!

So if you love The World Cup, then love it, fuck Ann Coulter. I’m not a fan of soccer, but I love the buzz that’s created when people get excited about sporting events. But please stop with the indignation, stop using it as a political statement as though your love of The World Cup somehow makes you more enlightened.

imagesBut what I find ironic is the notion of using your appreciation of The World Cup to send a political signal about yourself. brazil-world-cup-may-10-2014So if you go there, then  be consistent and not gloss over the corruption that goes along with The World Cup.   I mean displacement of people, elimination of local vendors, building of stadiums that remain empty and leave huge budget deficits, the corruption of FIFA, etc. Instead of trying to shame, frame or isolate those who aren’t into The World Cup, why not advocate for a purer game? whiteElephansImagine yourselves preparing to watch a corruption free World Cup event while sipping a fresh cup of fair trade coffee!

As for the game of soccer: They need to figure out how to get more shots on goal.
But If you need flags then you should have checked out the NBA finals and the beauty of basketball. Plays are being made every couple of seconds. san_antonio_spurs__international_alliance_by_jeth_villar-d7kqcq1I have another post coming that deals with the whining about the number of Non-American (born) players on the Spurs and why NBA fans have trouble embracing them.