Dr. Boyce Watkins and Black Feminist

BoyceWatkinsDr. Boyce Watkins, an American author, economist, political analyst, and social commentator, cause a stir today on Twitter. He dared to take a swing at the beehive. Now Watkins is a smart man, with a heightened sensitivity and awareness when it comes to the Black American social, political and cultural scene. So he had to know what he was doing and the push back he would receive. So why did he do it? Whether intended or not, his tweet drew out and allowed the tyrannical, bullying fascist wing of the Black community to expose itself.

Here’s his tweet:
@AngryBlackLady @marclamonthill – Unfortunately, many white feminists have taught black women to hate black men. The abuse is very hurtful

*cough Michelle Wallace via Gloria Steinem..

Now feminism is a theory and anyone who adheres to a theory that is beyond question, can’t be critiqued, well then you know what you’re dealing with; someone who has made the personal, political.

The Twitter backlash was amusing to watch in a train wreck sort of way. I tried to have fun with it. But THE most asinine thing I heard was the notion: Not male feminist = bad dad. Now THAT is definitely white feminism, the home is a dangerous place for women and children? Dads protect your daughters; it’s not just the “thugs”, keep them away from these toxic women.

I’ve seen the hatred Dr. Watkins spoke about, experienced it up close and personal. But Black feminist make up about .0000whatever % of the women on this planet so I don’t know why Black men still bother arguing with them. They want the fight.

Dr. Watkins was trying to call them out but still left the door open by blaming whitey, in this case, White women. He must have placed his bet on the hatred of White women being stronger than the hatred of Black men. (Yeah, go girl culture has its issues, always has. But they quickly change the subject and agree to take it out on Black men. Not powerful men, who run the patriarchy, the low hanging fruit.) But the one thing we know for sure, who passed on the anger to a younger generation of Black girls. And you can’t blame White women for that!

The amusing thing about the Twitter backlash was, they were less vehement about denying their hatred of Black men than balking at the notion that White women had anything to do with it. Oh they owned the hatred, but of course don’t feel like they should take responsibility for it. Their position seems to be we’re going to go with our hatred until you, Black man, fix us. You, Black man of today, carry the burden you had nothing to do with, because a generation of women didn’t deal with their shit. Basically the sentiment is, just by the very nature of me being a Black woman, you owe me. Have at it young fellas, if you must, but just so you know, it’s a big world and it is full of women. But all these women have is their anger, sour grapes and bull shit shaming or guilt tactics. They think so little of themselves that the only case they can make of why you should be with them is political. But you know they must know on some level, that more and more Black men don’t want to deal with it, don’t have to deal with it.

It has to be on the Good Black women to rid the community of these toxic women, because Black men certainly don’t have the courage. Besides, why do that, why take on that burden when they fall so easily to simply being told what they want to here. Pimps, preachers, hustlers have always been the most successful and they all play out of the same handbook.

End game: I don’t know what they think the end game is. Don’t think they’ve given must thought to it, other than trafficking in and monetizing their pain. You heard it with the Rachel Dolezal incident, “She stole our pain!”, wouldn’t that be a good thing, make you feel a little lighter?  Not if you view your pain as a commodity.  All they want is the make everyone else around them as miserable as they are, just so they can continue to be miserable.

The only thing that can save the Black community is, The Good Black Woman.