We found Becky with the good hair!

Issues like hair, skin-tone should have been left in the 1970’s are still alive and kicking. 30+yrs later, we’re still left with this tired repetitive embarrassing beauty standard musing, However that standard includes a slim figure and I don’t see these women storming the gates at gyms or pushing away from the table. An hour in the gym vs 7 in the beauty salon, but I digress.Gabby
We saw this during the Olympics, with Gabby Douglas. This young lady was truly victimized, on an international stage, by small-minded people who claim they’re victimized by hair but continue to be the ones (and only ones) fetishizing it. Gabby was an Olympian, at the top of her sport and no one even thought about her hair, except the nattering nabobs of drama.

Now we have pop icon, Beyonce introducing a new phrase, trust me this will now be entrenched in our pop lexicon. “Becky with the good hair”.  Appearing in this picture with, ostensibly, good hair?


In my opinion, Beyonce is being used. She’s popular; a tremendous entertainer but there’s no evidence that she’s politically astute. I doubt this is her politics and I doubt she fully understands the implications. But I could be wrong, we’ll see in the long run. However, I suspect what we’re seeing here is the same thing we saw with Hip Hop. A lot was made about it being the voice of the streets, the makings of a real political movement but turns out there was more interests in blood diamonds, big booties and sipping Moet in the back of clubs (along with gun play and catching bodies). Excluding the gun play, bodies and blood diamonds (African-Americans huh?), that’s fine with me, I never expected or thought Hip Hop was a political movement. There were just good head-nodding beats to be consumed.

As for the mystery of Becky with the good hair, it’s been solved.


I’ll bet no one will look at the picture above and think, “cooning”, like everyone hating Samuel Jackson’s character in Django (which included 100+ instances of the N-word, Tarantino being your boy and all) but nothing about Alfre Woodard’s character or the woman in the battle royal scene, but again Negros are thirsty so..hey I digress)?

But the sentiment or ethos underlying Beyonce’s song, “Lemonde” is directly linked to that picture. It feeds the narrative being shopped around, that Black women have always been given lemons, relegated to the back burner in the community and black struggle. This is ridiculous and a misreading of history (which proves to me that Beyonce isn’t that politically astute and does not have a true understanding of that history).

The Black woman’s role (the political vanguard or Professional Management Class, of Black Americans) in this new woman’s nations, is a play for power. Power will always defend itself and this is, on the one hand a justification (for why everything in the Black community needs to go through the women). We saw this with My Brother’s Keeper, when Black women and 100 or so thirsty dudes or just plan simps.  And on the other hand a deflection.  Over the last 2/3 generations women have been in charge of every institution in the Black community, along with setting it’s emotional temperament. What they want to avoid is an audit of what happened on their watch, the counting of the number of bodies, the proliferation of guns, gangs, high school drop-outs and somewhere in-the-winds (missing).

This is why you will continue to see victim-vogue and victim-hood oneupsmanship. But that’s all you will see because the only end game, other than the carnage, disposeability and the serving up of the Black communities boys, is captured in this:

And those are the leaders, lemons indeed!


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