Black Gender War: Converse a case study analogy

This is a re-print from another post. Think it deserves its own space.Converse a case study analogy

Nike came on the scene and instead of evolving and adapting Converse shrugged arrogantly (or, poked out their lips, rolled their eyes) and said, “We’re Converse we don’t have to change or compete”.  It was a conservative stodgy company of another generation that had gotten comfortable, slow and/or resistant to change and uninteresting. Nike a hip flexible bold visionary company zoomed right pass the king of the block and went on to purchased Converse.

The country was changing, over the next 30yrs the American demographic landscape would evolve.

In the American Black woman echo chamber there was a Converse like arrogance and the sentiment; we’re the shit, been the shit, where else are they (men) gonna go?   By the 80s they had grown more comfortable. “I can do bad all by myself”, “I don’t need no man”, etc. was the battle cry. They exhaled (and flexed) on any and every platform that would shove a mic or camera in their face. The tone then changed because the marriage numbers were embarrassingly low and they needed to explain to America why? Of course, you don’t want to admit that they aren’t beating down the door, so presto, as deflection, you come up with plausible denials like, “can’t find a man”. Playing on all the stereotypes they new mainstream American would buy. Somewhere in there for a while it was, “Black men have more interracial dating options and it isn’t fair”. Hard to keep track though because it is all a self-serving convenient circular mind-fuck.
Anyway, the guys heard how they felt and quietly, without fanfare, voted with their feet. Except Jamal’s thirsty hit it and quit it dad (he told you) who is now in jail, dead, gone or not interested. Time passed and things got quiet, women  looked over their shoulders expecting a sea of men groveling at their feet and to their surprise and no one was there.  Things went from where are they gonna go to, where did they go. (Which they then re-framed, packaged and sold as “abandonment”, again playing on stereotypes the mainstream America is ready to buy). Many guys simply opted out, never to get married, others found the retail world of women; they come in all shapes, sizes and colors (plus the DR/ Rio) and discovered sweetness.

Having tasted sweetness, how it feels to not be defense attorney on probation ( I know how you black men are), how it feels when women actually like you, there is no turning back. Those men are not coming back,especially not to clean up yours and Ray Ray’s mess.
Most American Black women born after about 1970 don’t have the DNA for sweetness.  The ones that do (you know who you are) are off the market by 30 or shortly after. The others, when they’re not cheer-leading or what is it now, uplifting each other (gets heavy I know), they double down with the weird mating call of browbeating.

All these years later, on a Friday night you can still see this scene from Waiting to Exhale. Now, the “Only thing on the menu is crow!”

It would seem like introspection is in order but nah, they’re doubling down on what hasn’t worked because they (unless they escape the echo chamber, which I highly suggest) just do not have the technology.  This (youtube beefs, lawsuits, flagged channels, etc.) is just what the unraveling looks like, got my popcorn.

Retail world of women:

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