Black Gender War: Intersectionality deflection and Mass Incarceration

Here is another conversation. This one from Youtube channel, Breaking Brown with Yvette Carnell.   It is all politics and I believe Yvette does an excellent job, she is a throw back to the type of women who spoke direct, plan and in pragmatic terms.   I have to say I don’t think what we know as Black politics has a future.  But, many are still playing the game and if you are going to play that game she seems to have a better take than the typical “Negro whisperers”,  Harris-Perry, Dyson, Lamont Hill, Charles Blow and the like. She maybe to the left of me but I respect her courage, she’ll take on sacred cows and I don’t believe she is a true ideology and can be convinced.
The topic was 40% unemployment for young black men and of course incarceration naturally comes up.  Reva calls in to intersectionality us.  She wants to change a conversation about incarceration to a conversation about black women being erased.
Either these women are delusional with narcissistic personality disorder, cognitively not evolved to contemplate life without themselves at the center—same thing I guess. Or, they are orchestrated trolls with talking points that derail conversations.

Here’s a call from a woman named Reva, from Kentucky.

So even though black women are far far far less impacted, intersectionality has it that they still should be, if not put at the top of the issue, given equal time.  Why, when that 300 rate is normal, along with everyone else?  If this was some ‘achievement” stat and black women were in the norm with everyone else and black men were the outliers, they’d be talking about how much better they’re doing than the men.  There is no issue where black men are doing worse than black women and the men are put at the top of the discussion list.

At each point:  Yvette says children and quickly (move over black children) Reva injects, “and black women”.   Yvette says issues from eviction, to debt, to all kinds of stuff, Reva injects “That are specific to us”.

“That are specific to us”, only US, those in that echo chamber who talks about nothing but US. If they were at all interested in climate change, infrastructure, globalization, terrorism (they aren’t) their angle would be telling you how those things impact black women in more and unique ways because you know, they are black women.

This next caller is Antonio Moore who appears on the show occasionally and has his own Youtube channel TonetalksAntonio Moore graduated from UCLA, and Loyola Law School. He is now a practicing Los Angeles based attorney. He writes for The Huffington Post, The Grio and  In recent years he worked as a producer on the Emmy nominated documentary entitled Crack in the System presented by Al Jazeera. It tells the story of the effects of Mass Incarceration, the Iran Contra and the resulting crack cocaine epidemic that swept across America.

Here’s the call and follow up by Yvette

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