The writer
I’m a resident of the SF Bay Area. I claim the area because here a city is simply where we rest, a description that doesn’t describe how we do our living.  I love that we can head out for a 2 hr drive in any direction with no destination and have an incredible day. I think how great it is that we’re surrounded by so much natural beauty, great restaurants and championship golf courses.   I love the West Coast, everything from San Diego to Vancouver and could never again be landlocked. I hate cold weather so my affinity for the Pacific Northwest tells you how special I think it is. I don’t have much interest in anything pass the Rockies, except of course a few special people.  There is one exception; I love visiting Washington D.C.

My favorite people are the ladies in my life, followed by some very special friends. One couldn’t ask for a better mother, wife and daughter.

A Sun worshiper, no party affiliation and I loathe dogma of any kind. A big time foodie,  music lover and movie buff. (and big time original Star Trek fan). I was an avid reader but it’s getting harder to read anything beyond 200 pages, maybe it’s a sign of the times or that I’m getting older?

Many think doing great things with your body doesn’t rank with doing great things with your mind. I say that because (if I say so myself) I was/am a really good athlete. Competing athletically on some court, field or course was always my sanctuary as Denzel said in, Remember the Titans “Its always right”. I feel the freest when I’m out of the country away from the imposed all American skin game; so at any given moment I rather be riding a bike in Amsterdam or taking in island life somewhere warm.  I’m also a recovering sexist and you know how those 12 step programs go, relapses can occur at anytime, so its day by day. I’m a straight up “guy”, but enlightened and refined (I think so or at the very least working towards it). I’m far from the one-dimensional man of the mid-20th century and yet not quite metro-sexual in a keep the good fat sort of way.

The blog
This blog will hopefully be a place for a full range of emotionally engaging commentary.   If you’ll join me we’ll talk about current events: politics, race, culture, sports, entertainment, nature, relationships and more.  There are plenty of places to hear polite conversations that gravitate towards a safe middle. My hope is that its provocative, humorous and insightful with the intent of being iconoclastic as we explore how the modern world is forcing us to re-think everything. But what is life without sentimentality, unicorns and rainbows, so there will be some of that too.  I’m opinionated but I’m not always right. At times I take positions no one else will  because I believe it contributes to the dialogue and feeds the contrarian strain in me.   Other times I’m purposely outrageous if I feel it opens the door for someone smarter and more skilled at tact, to fill the space (or I’m bored).

It’s easy to name call or dismiss, so let’s be civil as we engage. That’s not to say that at times we won’t be passionate.  I’d prefer shots above the neck instead of below the belt, but I’m not above a little trash talk and I have a few shots of my own. But I’m trying to work on that.   With that being said, laughter is my therapy.
OK– please, with all due respect, unless the conversation is about religion, do not sic your God on me. If, as a way to support a point, you feel the urge to inject “God wants, says or tells me”, don’t do it.  Whenever I read that line I’ll respond with the literary equivalent of a blank stare.  A blank stare is my response when people say it to me in conversation. I do this out of respect, because most of the people I love (and who love me) are religious but that’s not all they are, nor is it the basis of our relationship(s).  That is something more universal and earthly I hope.

And lastly, I haven’t drank anyone’s kool-aide and don’t consider myself an “ist” or follow any “isms”, no movements or group-think.

I’m going to borrow the following because I thought it was cool:
“I’ll remains anonymous for now. But there will be clues, tasty morsels of information, that friends (and perhaps enemies) can use to find out my gov’t name.”

“If you belong to a group where everyone thinks the same, there’s no real thinking going on”.  Forget who said this?

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