Still looking for the Black Karen Straughan-Rebecca Lynn Pope ain’t her

“Where is the Black Karen Straughan”    Mumia Obsidian Ali

PS:  Rebecca Lynn Pope is not her.


Rebecca Lynn Pope is refreshing, I know guys have been waiting to hear those words from an American Black woman but it’s too little too late and does not go far enough. She speaks straight-talk to the women but does that mean anything for the guys? Maybe all she did was coop Black mansophere talking points and that’s where it stops. Or maybe she realizes the dating game is now a buyers market not seller’s market and employing a little coach’m up tough love to the sellers. Even if the body-politic takes her advice, there is still the ingrained notion of settling.

The Fundamental human right

I read a lot of comments on the black wing of the manosphere on Youtube. What I’m finding out is that black men haven’t, for the most part, connected the dots to what having reproductive rights means to their lives.  The reason for this is how easy it is to throw black men off target by invoking race base grievances and racial solidarity shaming language. (But then getting raked over the coals because of an innocuous comment, like Cam Newton, and still seeing race and not the gender effect.)  Or this is just the venting stage as the Red Pill transition takes place. But there can be no solidarity, black politics or black unity and black men should not enter any agreement with those who don’t believe black men should have equal reproductive rights. What is more a more fundamental human right than to decide when, with whom and under what circumstances you procreate? Procreation came 2nd after eating, even before security and shelter.

Venting about “Black female fuckery”

There’s a lot of time spent critiquing “black female fuckery” and there is plenty there; it should be taken to task. What “black female fuckery” has meant, for black boys especially, over the last 2/3 generations is criminal and for 40+yrs they have deflected attention from their role in all of this. The interpersonal part, although cathartic to vent about, is not an issue for me beyond pointing out the stunning hypocrisy of black women and their Queen B flying monkeys. And of course seeing them tap dance around the poetic justice blowing back from their own words and all the shit they talked in the 80s and 90s.  But who they sleep with or marry, thug or non-black male, is neither here nor there, why should it be in a world full of women?  Which is why I have no interest in, as Mumia Obsidian Ali says, “forcing them to horse trade”.  I’m not looking personally and if I have any advice, it’s that we’re beyond the tipping point, it’s too late. All that needs to be said, has been said, there’s nothing to talk about, they’ve shown they have no interest in hearing from black men, so no guy should be grovelling to explain or defend anything, just say good luck on the open dating market.  Unless it’s wrangling from their hands, the complete power over the stewardship of these boys, I have no rap beyond them as just another citizen group. And, I’ve explained the why in a previous post, most recently when the fate was sealed by Damon Young.  I truly hope everyone does well.  As hard as it is to connect with another human beings, if you find someone you connect with, no matter what race, culture, take advantage of it. Whatever fetish you have, knock yourself out. But you can stall the dick monitoring of  black men.

Still waiting for the Black Karen Straughan

Getting back to the topic in the title, here is an excellent video by Karen Straughan, addressing Jordan Peterson’s comment about MGTOW. Now for many black men this will be hard to accept, we seem to think that, if a person speaks with a certain cadence they actually have something worth listening too and if they don’t, then it doesn’t’ resonate. As it stands now the baby canard, “black men need to take care of de ‘sponsibilities” is the last battle cry, the only thing they can hold over black men’s head. (And piggy-backing on White Feminist’s grasp for funding via this DV focus will back fire; black women aren’t white women and when people start unpacking the data on IPV, they’re going to discover something and black women, it is not going to be a good look).  So I hope guys will take the time to listen to these ideas and contemplate how all this is relevant to their lives

Reproductive control: young black men and the State

Straughn’s breakdown of Jordan Peterson is like a case study. If young black men had reproductive rights and stayed out of trouble, they would cut a lot of risk. We know they aren’t going to be celibate and “keep it in your pants” is not a reproductive right. So even if they avoid serious criminal trouble, there is this other avenue for the state to enter their life. They’re not marrying so that part is not so much the problem (unless they desire marriage) but they are fucking. They need to have the right to give affirmative consent and not be forced into fatherhood. They have to find a way to avoid the state, until the laws are changed, that horse-trading table I can get with. I can’t tell you how many black men will argue for their right to remain 2nd class on this. Still believing that old meme, old wives tale, or my momma said stuff of the pre-birth control and abortion shot-gun wedding era.  Update that software dawg!

So if you have reached your limit with, “black female fuckery” and you arrive to the open dating world as refugee, not by choice or accident; just know that these laws apply with any woman, no matter the race. Guys who have been on the open dating scene pretty much know this but late entry guys might come to this a little naive.

Response to Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson relies to blow-back from his MGTOW criticism.

Dr. T Hasan Johnson on VSB’s Black Eugenics Renaissance

“Straight Black Men Are the Scapegoats of Black People: VSB’s Black Eugenics Renaissance and the Pandering to Make Attention Outweigh Death” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.

This article written by Dr. T Hasan Johnson is excellent. It is a response to the article written by Damon Young of @VSB.  Read article here

Dr. T Hasan Johnson and Dr. Tommy Curry, My Brotha’s keepers, 2 courageous pioneers behind enemy lines. See if they can get with this disruption.

VSB cuts to the chase!

Damon Young from @VSB thank you for writing this article and removing all doubt. From the backlash to My Brother’s Keeper a few years ago, to the attack on Nate Parker a few months ago, Young cuts to the chase, gets granular and shows us, what’s really going on. This article, saying straight black men are an existential threat to black women, is the quintessential pose of a certain type of black man. Those positioning themselves as “The Good Black man”, following mainstream idea of, “The Good Blacks” as Paul Harvey use to say. And on that obscure reference, below you will find, “the rest of the story”

Black women say black men are bad, “The Good Black man” says, yes those men over there are bad, I’m not like them, I’m a nice man, got it together man, educated man, I treat women nice. (So chose me, I deserve more…) Paraphrasing Thugtician.

If all the evidence over the last 30-40yrs, of the attitude towards black boys (who would become men) wasn’t clear to the guys, it should be by now.   Young helps those who make the case that, the “Black Community” gave up on boys years ago.  These boys, after being systematically underdeveloped have now become the straight black men the community’s favored daughters just love to hate.

No need to say more, I’ve curated some excellent content around this issue:

Tommy Curry, Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore unpack Young’s article on Breaking Brown and Tonetalks.
Breaking Brown

And in the backdrop of all of this is the problem with Black Lives Matter.  Like Eddie Murphy in 48hrs at the country bar, “not a real popular place with the brothas”.

  1. T Hasan Johnson
    Silly Rabbit Tricks are for kids BLM was not for you
  2. Washington Times
    BLM real agenda
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  4. Running to the front of the line and changing the face of mass incarceration
    Mother bail out day


The Faustian Bargain & A Certain Type of Black American Woman

 My apologies. Every time I try to fix a typo or add something, it fucks up the formatting?!
” Not every black woman is like that but enough are, if it don’t apply let it fly, ladies” by  Obsidian Media Network

The phrase used throughout this piece,  a certain type of Black American woman, is granular meant to reflect the above statement. Because, if anyone knows this, certain type of Black American woman, it is other black women (American and foreign).

Good luck to Serena and her new husband.
The subject that won’t die resurfaced again recently.  THE most important thing that dominates and takes up far too much of Black American communal energy is the mate/marriage options of Black American women.  As usual the myopic gynocentric view, point no stronger than in the “black community”, creates a one-sided conversations in carefully sanitized echo chambers.
First the, there aren’t “marriageable” black men meme, and 2nd, the interracial dating angle. As for the latter, given the actual numbers, you have to go through mental gymnastics to link these two but facts don’t matter much so the link is made.  Also for the latter, one could simply say, everyone date, marry and love who they choose.  And that  works in a go-girrl sort of way but when it comes black men, well see Nate Parker (more later).

“Marriage is for white folks”
I reject the premise, frame and concept of “marriageable” black men unless we inject the phrase “marriageable” black women.   And, since so many have so much to say about black fathers,  while we’re at it, we can go all the way there and introduce another phrase, “parent-able” black women.  Along with another phrase I want to introduce into the lexicon, single-dad, not parent).  I’m not interested in black men are the problem scenarios; what black men need to do, need to be, etc. (especially when funding comes down the pipeline to address any black men/boy issues the response is, no no no). I’m tired of the worn out (convenient) frame that says, black women are ok just the way they are, innocent in fact, and if only the men would-fill in the blank. (until of course it’s time to date out and then they’re open to being “reprogrammed”) I mean, really, one can only ask what came first the delusion or narcissism. Again, these one-sided conversations take place in echo chambers. If men are present, they are talked at or about but never to and certainly never listened to. This attitude follows black men into old age. The men willing to sit through any of this shit,  when they aren’t auditioning by shamelessly virtue signalling as the “good black man”, sit silently and nod in agreement. (like in a black church being micro-agressed by a presidential candidate who, because he chose to be black, feels safe in shaking his fingers and referring to black men as “boys” and “fools”)   So to hell with the “marriageable” black men frame and anyone who indulges that line of thinking (and a special F you to the black men who do).  If you are a “good woman” and marriageable then you should have no problem, there’s a world full of men. So if you are indeed, bout-it-bout-it, are you willing to STFU and take your ass on the open market to compete? Or, and I suspect this is what all of this shit is about, are you campaigning for a tilted scale?

Yo momma black to something new

As for dating out stats, that some % of black men marry out and it’s more than the % of black women, why should those numbers be equal?   More to the point, what is the end game; how do you plan to change those numbers? (I’ll answer that in a minute).

Fresh on the heels of Nate Parker, Lance Gross and in light of black women’s reaction to the Cheerios commercial), Scandal being the top show among the black women demographic, a bullshit cognitively challenged narrative is being shopped around. serena-williams-engagement-koko-tv-5 They don’t miss an opportunity for narrative construction and weren’t going to let Serena Williams’ recent marriage announcement go unnoticed. There were memes on social media about black men’s reaction.  That black men have a problem with black women who date outside the race. This has been explained and black men have given their own views, but none of that matters when you aren’t really interested in our view, only what memes and urban-myths you can create and sell.

Just remember, while waiting for the supreme court hearing the Lovings were not lynched, didn’t have their crops or house burned.


Black men’s real response: A history lesson
Check out this short list below (there are many more) and you’ll see that historically, black men have not called for boycotts, tried to end or damage the careers and earnings of these women who married white men. dianaross

However Black American woman have not been so open (See Nate Parker)    Other examples: Lobbying Denzel Washington to not take the role (eventually taken by Dennis Haysbert) along side Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie Love Fields.  Wrote NBC lobbying them to not write in a white love interest for Eric La Salle on the show ER


In fact, as represented by  Redd Foxx as Fred Sanford in Sanford and Son, the love for Lena Horne reflected the prevailing attitude that black men didn’t have a problem with Lena.  The feelings are mixed for Whoopi, I like her and don’t have a problem with her but many do and it has little to do with who she married.  But in line with the discussion here, there is one name on the list that black men have talked about and do feel some kind of way about. I’ll see if you can go through the names and figure out who and why. If you can, well you are “woke”.
Whoopi Goldbergjbaker
Alice Walker
Josephine Baker
Lena Horne
Diana Ross
Mariah Carey
Hypocrisy, Black American women’s hot potato
The Black men in the 80s and 90s listened to everything a certain type of Black American woman was saying.  They heard it all and voted with their feet, quietly went their way without fanfare or professors telling them they should and how. No traveling road shows to sold out venues with a comedian and actor turned authors.  They didn’t announce on CNN, Nightline, etc, using all the racist stereotypes about Black American women.  They simply went their own way, or tried.  They mostly took daggers and arrows in the back, they were harassed and had their blackness and humanity questioned.
The issue for black men is not black women dating outside the race, it is the hypocrisy.  The little voice black American women are hearing, is their on. (excluding that one on the list above, she had another agenda)  The solipsism is so strong that they don’t have the technology to  imagine a world without themselves at the center.  But they are the ones who created the meme and drove the community venom at interracial mating, dating (notice they never say love, can’t admit to that, it would make black men human and we can’t have that). The yo-momma black, you can’t handle a strong black woman, self-hate, etc. They created it, drove the meme, enlisted queen B soldiers and deployed flying monkeys to monitor the behavior of other men and codify the idea.
Now a “certain type of Black American woman” is constructing this bull shit narrative that we have a problem with who they marry/date. This is to deflect from their own hypocrisy, which they in turn try to lay on black men. You can’t make this shit up. They are the last ones to the open dating table and are now reacting like the party didn’t start until they arrived.

Queen Narrative and the Faustian Bargain

Now to be sure, there are black men who feel some kind of way about Serena.  I posit that it is because they swallowed the queen narrative fantasy (I mean it is just too comical to even address) and agreed to a Faustian bargain to forgo their options/choices and swear off all other women.  Then as good flying monkeys they criticized other black men along the way.   They didn’t know that those women only wanted first right of refusal, wanted a pool of men to wait in the shadows, just in case. Many just bought into some Hotep, Pan-African political philosophy and did it for the community.  They haven’t noticed that everything under the auspices of, “for the community”, is usually for Black American women. And basically that comes down to reproductive rights, mating options and having black men along as queen b soldiers or to absorb blame for all the problems.

Evening the %

So to answer the question from earlier, how do you plan to change those numbers, the % of Black men who date out vs Black American women. It is this, during the 90s they went on any and every platform that would shove a camera and mic in their face to tell the world they can’t find a man. This psyops painted them as victims, explained away the rejection and allow them to express sour grapes at black men.  They didn’t simply look at it like social scientist, who have been pointing to the number disparity for years, so it was there to be used. They didn’t resort to any of the white supremacy, institutional racism claims made when they’re in their activist role; no they chose all the rhetoric you’d expect the Grand Dragon to use; they used the stereotypes they know resonates with the general public. They played the father card, the lazy card, job card. They used the down-low myth and black media ran with it as fervently as the mainstream media did. In fact, this was a creation and introduction of a whole new stereotype that hadn’t existed. And they went after Cosby for responding to the claim of “airing dirty laundry” by saying your dirty laundry lets out at 3pm everyday, LOL.  But, more to the point, they kept repeating it even after it had been proven to be false, again they don’t care about facts only conveniently circular narrative construction. Lee Daniels on HBO black list (If I recall) said, after visiting a shelter with HIV+ black women, “all these black men running around infecting black women”. THIS after it had been debunked!
The mainstream news recanted and ran small stories buried inside the fold, Black media for the most part didn’t bother. Eric Dyson wrote a book, challenged Cosby to a debate because of what he said about black women (of a certain class, amazing how they cherry pick on class) but he didn’t have much to say about the creation and dissemination of a whole new stereotype for black men.  This is part of the plan, a campaign to scare off and dissuade other women from black men. It is futile, a fool’s errand but that is the plan. They either want to even the % or they want  force black men into dealing with them (nostalgia for segregation days of complete control, damn what a look!).  Having black men around to fight with is at least preferable to being ignored and certainly better than seeing us with choices and options. OG crabs!

So to hear this bull shit narrative now is just laughable. They want to pretend all of that history didn’t exist, that the zeitgeist didn’t exist and wasn’t created by a certain type of Black American woman. They want to pretend that all this started with “all these black men on youtube”.  But again, this is the narrative shopped to the mainstream. They know damn well all the venom they spewed about black men and interracial dating.  And truth be told, the white female allies in the girl power movement can at any moment become, that “white bitch”.   Now that they have arrived to the open dating table, on “colored peoples” time, they’ll say or do anything to avoid eating crow. But it is not going to be that easy.

Expect more of the psyops
 In the echo chamber you can create any fantasy you need for the Black female borg hive mind.  1. If you need to answer (or think you need to answer) why so many have voted with their feet, why you aren’t married can’t get married, then saying you can’t find a man is better than admitting that they’re not asking.   2. Narrative construction, recasting black men as creators of the anti-interracial mating attitudes; so the progressive coalition won’t find out that is was a certain type of Black American woman’s backwards ass Jim Crow mentality. In the progressive world of expanding marriage rights, single-mom ascendance, they can’t be seen as the racist they are, so reconstruct the narrative and shift the blame to black men. But White progressives and liberals got a whiff of their fuckery in Seattle when they stormed the stage at a Bernie Sanders rally.
“Black women have the same attitude towards black men and children as an 19th century slave owner”  Tito the Fresh
There is a certain type of Black American woman thinks that everything for black men should go through them first, for their approval.  A certain type of Black American woman thinks they’re our owners and that we were put on earth for their utility, to affirm them and if not, we shouldn’t eat.  Everything they do is about serving our black asses up to throw off the scent anytime they think people are on to their shit. They’ve had a long run, helped by the establishment, as bullies to reign terror on the community and yes that includes men, women and children.
But it won’t be that easy this time, black men are exhaling!

Restoring the Black Family?

thenegrofamilyIt seems that many believe, restoring the Black family or as often said in the Black Manosphere, a return to a “Black Patriarchy”, is a solution to the social dysfunction they see among Black people.
Anyway, this is the 50th anniversary of The Moynihan Report, Patrick Moynihan’s The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.  So it stands to reason that you’ll hear a lot from those who think we can put the toothpaste back in the tube.  So here’s a couple of videos about restoring the black family, a return to “Black Patriarchy” and the futility of that line of thinking.  An intellectual and an “every day” brotha, two perspectives from very different view points with enough for you to chew on. So take it all in and process it.






Title IX, Howard Univesity and Nightline’s Face-off

abc_faceoff_259_100419_sshThis week is the 42nd Anniversary of Title IX.  So why a picture from, ABC News Nightline “Face-off”? I didn’t see it, only heard excerpts but keep that in mind as you listen to a story about Howard University. I’ll let you draw your own conclusion.

In this video Christina Hoff Sommers talks Title IX with a story about Howard University.

PS: Luke Harris and 200 Black men….yeah right.  The “Black community” only cares about Black boys as a source of their lament. Got plenty of shake your head, pull up your pants indignation but there’s no genuine concern.

Link to: ABC’s Nightline Face-off